An old Indonesian superstition, a sparrow flying into your home denotes good luck (especially if they build a nest!).  Sailors would often get a sparrow tattoo in the hope that a sparrow would catch their soul if they died at sea. Jack Sparrow might even be tempted to gaze out to sea in this little crows’ nest…

Follow the hidden staircase up to another level of this multi levelled home to our quaint upstairs room. Sparrows’ Nest offers a King Size bed with a small bath and rain shower en-suite. Beautiful views can be captured from all sides of this room including views of the village, the beautiful rock formations of Paternoster and even a glimpse of the crashing waves. A quick few steps and you are on the beach to enjoy the magic that is Paternoster and its long white beaches.

For the more discerning smuggler, please note that we do not have television sets in the rooms and due to satellite connections the WiFi  connectivity is exceptionally slow on the West Coast.

Due to the current, persisting drought in the Western Cape we kindly urge our guests to refrain from using the bath and help us save our precious water. Should you wish to help us in our efforts of saving water, please use the buckets provided during your shower, we make use of this gray water to water our gardens. Ask your friendly host of other ways you can contribute to saving water.